One woman’s journey to find herself through juicing, veganism, and love, as she went from fat to thin and from feeding her emotions to feeding her soul.

From the extra pounds and unrelenting bullies that left her eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall at school to the low self-esteem that left her both physically and emotionally vulnerable to abuse, Jasmin Singer’s struggle with weight defined her life.

Most people think there’s no such thing as a fat vegan. Most people don’t realize that deep-fried tofu tastes amazing and that Oreos are, in fact, vegan. So, even after Jasmin embraced a vegan lifestyle, having discovered her passion in advocating for the rights of animals, she defied any “skinny vegan” stereotypes by getting even heavier.

More importantly, she realized that her compassion for animals didn’t extend to her own body, and that her low self-esteem was affecting her health. She needed a change. By committing to monthly juice fasts and a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, Jasmin lost almost a hundred pounds, gained an understanding of her destructive relationship with food, and finally realized what it means to be truly full.

Told with humble humor and heartbreaking honesty, this is Jasmin’s story of how she went from finding solace in a box of cheese crackers to finding peace within herself.

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Unflinchingly forthright and refreshingly authentic... A testament to how the greatest transformations are often intangible.
Shelf Awareness
Shelf Awareness
When someone is brave enough to tell the gritty truth about her tough and twisted journey to self-love and health, you simply have to love her for for the forthrightness. But when the writing is this good, and the practical lessons are so transferable, you just count yourself lucky to have discovered her. You will read this treasure and be so much the richer from it.
A powerful book about a person who comes to self realization through empathy with others. A strong testimony against bullying of any living being, no matter what body they may come in.
Ingrid Newkirk
Ingrid Newkirk
President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
The best books can make us better people. Always Too Much And Never Enough has recommitted me to a life of compassion, kindness, quiet service, family, laughter, and health. These are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. It is difficult to write an honest memoir. When you start turning over the rocks, you don't get to choose what you find beneath them. Jasmin Singer gets it right and it's a huge win for anyone lucky enough to read this book.
Jasmin Singer

About Jasmin

Jasmin Singer is the executive director of the nonprofit Our Hen House, a multimedia hub of opportunities to change the world for animals. With her wife, animal rights lawyer Mariann Sullivan, she produces a Webby-recognized weekly podcast and an online magazine. She has written for numerous publications, including the Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen, has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and HuffPo Live, and can be seen in the award-winning documentaries Vegucated and The Ghosts in Our Machine. Jasmin splits her time between New York City and Germantown, New York, with Mariann and their perfect pit bull, Rose. Learn more...  

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