Coaching, Strategy Sessions & Consultancies 

I’m excited that you found your way here. 

As your coach, I would love to help you take the steps to understand yourself better and align your values with your personal and professional choices. 

You might choose to work with me if:

  • You feel stuck—in a relationship, in a job, in your head—and are seeking a shift
  • You are trying to be more effective with time management, more attentive with self-care, or more communicative about your needs
  • You are a creative type and are feeling tapped out, wigged out, or burnt out 
  • You are a writer who needs some extra support around your projects
  • You are an activist or advocate looking to find or build community, or you want to shift careers and focus on social justice work 
  • You run a small business and want extra help with brand strategy
  • You want support in going vegan 

I’d love to meet with you to discuss whether we’d be a good match for ongoing sessions. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel aligned, satisfied, and serene? While of course nobody will feel that way all the time, we can each work on strengthening our mental fortitude and understanding ourselves more deeply in order to be better prepared for our personal and professional hurdles. Through developing greater self-awareness, we can intervene with old thought patterns and develop new ones that serve our current needs. And as we’re bringing projects to life, we can approach them with intention and focus instead of chaos and disorganization. I’d love to be able to help you achieve that. 

A little about my coaching journey … 

I began coaching in 2005 after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a certification in holistic health counseling, followed by an MA in Integrative Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute of Holistic Studies. My clients ran the gamut from entrepreneurs to artists to students. Many of them had a commonality in that they wanted help going vegan, and by helping them take it step by step and meal by meal, I realized how much I loved vegan advocacy. 

So I pivoted and started a new career in animal rights—eventually co-founding a media nonprofit that produces podcasts to change the world for animals. When my memoir, Always Too Much and Never Enough, came out in 2016, I embarked on a 65-city book tour and realized how profoundly people wanted to see their internal struggles normalized, which many people I spoke with were able to do by way of my story. 

That struck and humbled me, and as I shifted careers again to become the senior editor of VegNews Magazine, it became a natural expansion to pen an advice column—all with the goal of helping people feel heard and seen. 

Meanwhile, my nonprofit was growing and I began to incorporate “one-on-ones” into member perks: those with the interest could sign up to virtually meet for 45 minutes and discuss any area of their activism with which they were struggling. 

Things had come full circle, and I found myself once again coaching—but the 15 years or so that had passed since my early days of coaching meant I was that much more experienced, and further along on my journey of self-growth. I’ve also joined several boards, including advisory boards, and taken on mentorship positions—all of which fuel me in ways I could never have imagined. By the time I authored my second book, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan, I was all in when it came to helping people troubleshoot their challenges and create new ways forward—ways that were in alignment with their beliefs and values. 

I come to my coaching and strategy sessions with curiosity and openness, trusting that together, we will find a way to make you thrive. My sessions are uniquely tailored to you, and I offer full support in between sessions so that you feel bolstered, emboldened, and not alone. For that reason, and because I run a media company, I only take on a few clients at one time so that I can ensure I am able to be fully present. You deserve nothing less. 

Care to chat? 

But that’s enough text on the page! If this calls to you—if you want to show up for yourself in a clear new way—let’s talk.

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