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October 2022
Jasmin Singer, the Podcaster Who Interviewed More than 1000 Vegans

Jasmin Singer, the Podcaster Who Interviewed More than 1000 Vegans

The vegan author Jordi Casamitjana interviews fellow vegan author and podcaster Jasmin Singer, co-host of the very popular US podcast, Our Hen House.

Most of my friends are vegan.

That is what happens when you have been vegan for decades. But also, when you are privileged enough to live in one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world (London) and be a resident of one of the most vegan-friendly countries there are (the UK). Even more when you have worked in one of the most vegan-friendly sectors in existence (animal protection). And as I live in a fully vegan household (with my tiny veganic orchard) and now work from home, I think it would be fair to say that I spend most of my time in a comfortable vegan bubble where I do not have to constantly explain to others why I do not eat eggs or wear leather. Read more…

March 2022
Moore Rhys and Jasmin Singer with dogs George and Birdie in their Rochester home, which they turned into a 'net zero' house.

This Rochester couple wants their ‘Net Zero’ home to inspire more affordable, eco-friendly living

Jasmin Singer and her wife, Moore Rhys, had long wanted to align their lifestyle with their environmental values. They found their opportunity with a decision to move across the country.At the start of the pandemic, the couple had been working from home in their Los Angeles apartment. They decided to move to Rochester, though, to escape the smog and wildfires in California. “We studied the New York Times climate change map, which actually pointed to Rochester as one of the one of the best cities to move to for long-term climate projections,” Singer said. Read more…

January 2022
Yahoo Life

How bovine emissions — aka cow belches — are contributing to climate change

While Americans’ reliance on fossil-fuel-powered vehicles is a well-known cause of harmful greenhouse gas emissions — which cause climate change by trapping heat in the atmosphere — there’s another major culprit that often gets overlooked: bovine emissions, aka cow belches, which emit methane, a substance that’s substantially more powerful than carbon dioxide when it comes to causing the greenhouse effect. Read more…

July 2021

CultureShift Conversations: Jasmin Singer

The theme of our summer series is Media for Change. For our third and final event in this series, Jasmin Singer joins FFAC’s Executive Director Monica Chen in conversation about issues like radical body positivity, how to change the world for animals, and what Jasmin has learned through her journey as a writer, activist, editor, actress, and co-founder of the podcast Our Hen House…. Watch now…

July 2021
Chef AJ

How To Be A Fabulous Vegan With Jasmin Singer

Longtime VegNews editor Jasmin Singer shares everything you need to know about the myths and realities of adopting a plant-based life (hint: it’s not all ugly plastic shoes and patchouli-scented deodorant). With 30 chapters (broken into daily topics) covering everything from that inevitable where-do-you-get-your-protein question (spoiler alert: everywhere) to how not to be an a**hole vegan to the best dairy-free cheese on the market (and, no, that’s not an oxymoron!), you will learn everything you
need to be healthy, meat-free, and, yes, fabulous. Plus, every chapter ends with a delectable, tried-and-true recipe… Watch now…

May 2021
The Plant Based News (PBN) Podcast

The Plant Based News (PBN) Podcast: “How To Be a Fabulous Vegan” Interview /w Jasmin Singer Episode 59

Hi Plant Friends and welcome to another episode of the PBN Podcast. I am your host Robbie Lockie. On this weeks episode we meet the bubbly and colourful vegan Jasmin Singer. At the age of twenty-four, Jasmin Singer turned to veganism after watching a film about factory farming. Learning about the horrors of the dairy and egg production led her to incorporate animal rights into her LGBTQ+ and feminist activism. Jasmin then began volunteering at PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, and began steering her career toward animal rights activism. Listen now…

March 2021

A new cookbook invites non vegans to explore vegan cuisine

No pressure. In its relaxed and lively style, ‘The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan’ reminds readers they won’t starve and they needn’t give up cake. Read more…

March 2021
Boulder Book Store

Boulder Book Store Author Q&A

Jasmin Singer, author of “The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan: Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good in 30 Days,” answers some of our questions and reads from her new book. Thank you to Jasmin for recording this video for us! Watch now…

February 2021
Vegan Woman's Leadership Network

Vegan Woman’s Leadership Network

Jasmin Singer On Body Positivity, Inclusive Beauty & Learning Self-Acceptance: In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we interview Jasmin Singer, a writer and speaker on topics including radical body positivity, personal narrative as a means of social justice, and how to change the world for animals. Listen now…

February 2021
Vegan Stories Podcast

A Fabulous Vegan

January 2021
Broccoli and Ice Cream

Jasmin Singer and the Cruelty-Free Star Trek Vegan Utopian Future We’re Heading Towards

January 2021
The Chickpeeps

Fat Acceptance & Veganism with Jasmin Singer

In this episode Evy and Momo interview animal rights activist, author, speaker and actress, Jasmin Singer about fat acceptance and veganism. Co-founder of the award-winning podcast, Our Hen House, former Senior Editor of VegNews, and Director of Content at Kinder Beauty, Jasmin shares her journey of fat acceptance and notes the sizeism present in the vegan movement, giving us an insight into how we can be more mindful in our activism, as well as accepting ourselves exactly as we are. Read more…

January 2021

“A Fabulous Vegan Future!” – Jasmin Singer, Author & Activist – Sentientist Conversations

January 2021
Animal Voices

Investing in Veganism for 2021, with Jasmin Singer, author of “The VegNews Guide for Being a Fabulous Vegan”

For our feature interview, we welcome back Jasmin Singer! Jasmin is an author, editor, speaker, activist, lesbian and vegan, and she has just written a stunning and joyful book called “The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan: Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good in 30 Days”. What a way to start off the New Year! Read more…

December 2020
Jane Unchained


What could be a greater gift than showing someone precisely how to become a fabulous vegan? Jasmin Singer’s new book, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan, will help pre-vegans get started right, and current vegans expand their plant-based knowledge. Yes, it’s a recipe book. But, it’s so much more than that. It’s really a lighthearted, humorous vegan manifesto! Read more…

November 2020
LA Weekly


And if meat’s not your beast, The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan: Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good in 30 Days (Hachette Go, 12/15/20, Paperback, $19.99) is an all-in-one, super practical guide to going vegan. Read more…

June 2020
Raise Vegan

The Power of the Pitch: Top Journalists and Editors Discuss How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

Pride Month provides a great opportunity to uplift queer voices and show a little extra love for the entire LGBTQ+ community. What follows are a list of highly inspirational LGBTQ+ vegans to get engaged with today! Read more…

June 2020
Raise Vegan


Pride Month provides a great opportunity to uplift queer voices and show a little extra love for the entire LGBTQ+ community. What follows are a list of highly inspirational LGBTQ+ vegans to get engaged with today! Read more…

June 2020


Pride Month is here, so we’re recognizing the standout ethical pioneers who are advocating for equal rights for all. Read more…

March 2020
Veganism, Sex and Politics

Reading/writing food and shame: Always Too Much and Never Enough by Jasmin Singer

Our relationships to sex and food are — as Singer indeed reflects elsewhere in her book — intimately entwined. There is also stuff here about sex — some of it painful and shameful, much of it full of the pleasures of discovery. But mostly this is a book about the pleasures and shame of food: about Singer’s love and desire for it, the shame she often feels as a result of this relationship, and the deep shame she grows to feel about her big body in a sexist, fatphobic world. Read more…

January 2020

Jasmin Singer’s Mission to Liberate All Bodies

The activist, author, and host of the Our Hen House podcast lets us in on her tips for vegans struggling with body image and much more. Read more…

January 2020
Yahoo! Lifestyle

Kim Kardashian’s epic kitchen tour revealed her ‘plant-based’ diet. Here’s what that means

Kim Kardashian gave a behind-the-scenes tour of her kitchen on Instagram this week — revealing both a bevy of frozen-yogurt sprinkles and her kept promise to stick to a plant-based diet. Read more…

January 2020

10 Vegan Podcasts to Add to Your Feed for Plant-Based Inspiration This Year

Interested in learning more about a vegan diet? Or are you a vegan who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest? Podcasts are a great way to accomplish this. If you type “vegan” into a podcast player search bar, you’ll see many options come up. Deciding which one to plug into can be an overwhelming feat. So that’s why we vetted them for you. Here are 10 different vegan-centric podcasts that we recommend checking out. Read more…

December 2019
Average to Expert Podcast

Jasmin Singer as a Guest on the Average To Expert Podcast

What would the world be like without animals? They have been part of us from the very beginning, and the only thing we can TRY to do for them is be their voice and make their world a little happier, and help it last a little longer by making changes in our daily choices. In this episode, I get to speak with Jasmin Singer, who is a passionate and highly motivated animal rightist. She is here to talk about her personal experience as a vegan and her passion for social justice. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into why and where you can find the support to start making better choices that will help change the world for animals and give you self-pride as a good human being. Listen to the Episode…

November 2019
Get Mortified

Jasmin Singer as a Guest on the Mortified Podcast

Listen to the Episode…

August 2019
Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports: Burger King to offer vegan Impossible Whopper — but how healthy is it?

“Veganism has finally gone mainstream! This is a huge step forward,” Jasmin Singer, longtime activist and co-host of the popular animal rights-themed podcast, Our Hen House, tells Yahoo Lifestyle, of the announcement by Burger King — which follows in the footsteps of others by Dunkin Donuts (in New York City), White Castle, Little Caesars, Big Boys, TGI Friday’s, Carl’s Jr. and Cheesecake Factory, all of which now offer, at least regionally, some version of either the Impossible Burger or its chief competitor, Beyond Meat. Read more…

May 2019
Everyday Health

Everyday Health: The 7 Most Inspiring Books About Weight Loss

Jasmin Singer is an animal rights advocate who adopted a vegan diet, which she learned did not automatically make her thin. In her poignant memoir, Singer touches on how she successfully lost 100 pounds (cutting out processed foods and incorporating juice fasts are two tactics that helped), the ways in which heavy people are brought down by society, and how unpacking her destructive relationship with food helped her rebuild her self-esteem. Read more…

January 2019
Jane Unchained

JaneUnChained on VoiceAmerica asks Jasmin Singer: are we hitting the animal rights/vegan tipping point?

Jasmin is the author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, the cohost of the Webby-recognized Our Hen House podcast (now in its tenth year), the Digital Director for the award-winning VegNews Magazine, and the Director of Storytelling for the social justice organization The Pollination Project. She was named a “40 Under 40” by The Advocate magazine, an “Eco-Preneur” by GoMagazine, and can be seen in documentaries including Vegucated and The Ghosts in Our Machine. Her TEDx talk, “Compassion Unlocks Identity,” debuted last year. Watch now…

December 2018
Surviving the Holidays As a Vegan or Vegetarian

Surviving the Holidays As a Vegan or Vegetarian

Holidays as a vegan or vegetarian can sometimes be tough. Although any great holiday recipe can be made without animal products, our families might refuse to make adjustments or, even worse, be openly antagonistic about our decision not to eat animals. If you’re vegan or vegetarian for ethical reasons or one of the 215 million Americans trying to cut back on meat, it can also be emotionally difficult to watch your family celebrate life over a meal that you know was created out of just the opposite. Read more…

October 2018
Jordana Reim and Jasmin Singer at the Vegeterian Fest

Romaine Calm and Carrot On at The California Vegetarian Food Festival

Last weekend Edible Skinny was lucky enough to attend the California Vegetarian Food Festival at Raleigh Studios! In our quest to embrace our inner herbivore, we walked the booths with yoga guru Jordana Reim (who teaches at Yoga Nest in Venice)! We discovered that the California Vegetarian Food Festival, now in its second year, celebrated the mighty vegetable hearty hardcore. Read more…

August 2018
Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano

Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano:
Jasmin Singer, Author and Senior Editor of Veg News

Jasmin Singer – a force to be reckoned with, and yet, at the same time, a gentle, loving soul. Needless to say, I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I walked into the offices of Veg News in Hollywood where Jasmin is the Senior Editor. As if the life of a Senior Editor and author isn’t hectic enough, Jasmin is also the co-host of Our Hen House podcast. Like I said, she is a force to be reckoned with! Read more…

June 2018

VegNews Magazine: #LunchBreakLIVE Video

VegNews Magazine#LunchBreakLIVE at VegNews Magazine’s new Hollywood offices, where the magazine’s editorial team is now based as the publication gets ready to celebrate its 18th year anniversary! The scrumptious Rabbit Hole Foods donated their delicious vegan lunch dips and sauces for taste test by VegNews’ Senior Editor Jasmin Singer & Co-host of Our Hen House & author of Always Too Much & Never Enough! & a surprise appearance by Colleen Holland, the publisher of VegNews! Read more…

May 2018

The ChickPeeps Podcast: Eating Disorders with Jasmin Singer and Bianca Taylor

ChickPeeps PodcastThis week The ChickPeeps have an honest, open conversation about what it’s like to balance one’s relationship with food with one’s ethical values and how both recovery and veganism have impacted their lives … we interview the incredible Jasmin Singer, senior editor of Vegnews and author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, who shares her story of developing a binge eating disorder and how she transformed her relationship with food from self-abuse to self care. Read more…

May 2018

One Green Planet: 10 Health & Wellness Podcasts To Get You Through Your Commute / Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan

One Green PlanetVegan Jasmin Singer learns how to cook plant-based meals in this entertaining podcast from nonprofit Our Hen House. Chef Laura Delhauer teaches Singer how to cook meals in each episode, teaching Singer and the listener tips and tricks for vegan cooking. This show’s perfect for anyone who’s always wanted to be a better vegan chef but was too afraid to ask! Read more…

May 2018

Viva Glam Magazine: Interview with Jasmin Singer – Vegan Activist, Author, and Badass Woman

Viva Glam MagazineMiley Cyrus, Jessica Chastain, and Alicia Silverstone may all be outspoken vegans. But Jasmin Singer is one vegan who’s truly making a difference. Jasmin Singer is a woman with many tattoos who wears many figurative hats: she’s the Senior Editor of VegNews Magazine, the author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, and the co-host and co-founder of the longstanding Our Hen House podcast. Read more…

February 2018

Vegan Rainbow Project: Equality for all and #MeToo. Interview with Jasmin Singer

Vegan Rainbow ProjectJasmin Singer (born 1979) writes in her 2016 published biography “Always too much and never enough” about her childhood, her coming-out and many issues confronting body image in a healthier way. She lives as a writer and activist in California and works as the Senior Editor at VegNews Magazine. In 2016 she was named by The Advocate Magazine as one of “40 Under 40 People to Teach Us About Each Other.” Read more…

August 2017

Driftwood Magazine: Jasmin Singer

Driftwood Magazine“We are about to do a teleplay, which I’m very excited about because I’m very passionate about the link between fiction and the theater and change making. The teleplay, I will also be acting in, which is great because finally I get to put my college degree and acting to use. We’re going to maybe even record it live in New York. It’s a play by John Yunker, who is a novelist and a playwright. It’s about veganism, told in a dark comedy. Read more…

July 2017

TEDxAsburyPark: Compassion Unlocks Identity

Jasmin Singer Ted TalkJasmin Singer thinks we could all take a lesson from how our grandmothers saw us. Her riveting talk brings to light how others shape our identity (a point brought home by how the world finally started accepting her after she lost weight, leaving her momentarily undone), how our assumptions about others ultimately hold us back from personal evolution, and how compassion plays a key role in unlocking our true selves. Watch now…

July 2017

VegNews: LUSH Cosmetics Awards $16k to Vegan Podcast

VegNewsLast week, vegan-friendly beauty brand LUSH Cosmetics granted $16,000 to animal-rights media nonprofit Our Hen House (OHH), known most for its eponymous podcast. The grant is part of LUSH’s “Charity Pot” initiative to support organizations with a focus on ending animal suffering in the food, cosmetics, and entertainment industries. “The work of OHH in creating awareness, driving discussion, and mobilizing people to work toward effectively ending animal exploitation,” LUSH’s North American Grant Specialist Erika Edwards tells VegNews, “most certainly aligns with our brand values.” Read more…

May 2017

Asbury Park Press: Jim McGreevey to give TEDxAsburyPark talk on identity along with Jasmin Singer

Asbury Park PressThis year’s roster of speakers also includes author and activist Jasmin Singer, an Edison native, who will share her own life-changing journey. Singer, who now lives in California, chronicled her vegan lifestyle, history of activism and nearly 100-pound weight loss in the 2016 book “Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir.” Read more…

May 2017

Jasmin Singer: Compassion Unlocks Identity

Tedx Asbury Park“If we don’t question our assumptions, we won’t be able to grow,” said Jasmin Singer. A writer, feminist, and activist, Jasmin is the senior editor of VegNews Magazine as well as the co-host of Our Hen House, an award-winning podcast that works to mainstream the movement to end animal exploitation, which she co-founded and co-hosts with Mariann Sullivan. Read more…

April 2017

The Union: 1st Nevada City Vegan Food + Wine Festival adds speakers

The Union…Also on tap is Jasmin Singer, author of the memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough and one of The Advocate’s “40 Under 40.” “Veganism is moving from the fringe to the mainstream,” said event organizer Aurelia d’Andrea. “We’re celebrating this shift with a first-of-its-kind event.” Read more…

January 2017

Forbes: The Veggie Awards – Where Even The Losers Win Attention For Vegan Fashion

Forbes…Singer continues, “More and more consumers are using the power of voting with their dollars to seek out vegan fashion, which they consider to be not only trend-setting, but fulfilling a moral imperative.” The Veggie Awards are the green economy showcase of the best of the best, helping to get press buzz for those persevering in the creation of cruelty-free natural products. Read more…

December 2016

Jasmin Singer to Speak at TEDxNavesink

TEDxNavesinkTEDxNavesink brings the mission of TED Talks to Monmouth County for an all-day live event for the fifth year. The event has grown to become the largest TEDx on the East Coast. “From a strong applicant pool, the TEDxNavesink Speaker Team is assembling an inspiring line-up,” said Jamie Sussel Turner, who leads the speaker selection committee. “Whether it’s through the lens of gender, race, class, arts, human study, technology, design or something more, TEDxNavesink speakers have a unique opportunity to work with an experienced team who will collaborate with them in uncovering the essence of their idea, and offer coaching so they can deliver the talk of their lives.” Read more…

October 2016

Cosmic Conversations with Marla Martenson: Jasmin Lost 100 Pounds, Saved Her Life & Now Saves Others

Cosmic Conversations with Marla MartensonFascinating chat with Jasmin Singer, author of Always Too Much, Never Enough. From the extra pounds and unrelenting bullies that left her eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall at school to the low self-esteem that left her both physically and emotionally vulnerable to abuse, Jasmin Singer’s struggle with weight defined her life. Watch the video…

October 2016

FemPotential: Book Review – Always Too Much and Never Enough

FemPotentialJasmin Singer is a vegan, lesbian, animal rights activist, and author whose 2016 memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough shares her story of weight gain and loss on the path to understanding the core of her own true identity. She shares raw, intimate details of her life including the journey from actor to activist, the complexity of being the much-loved but always-overweight daughter of a thin, beautiful mother, a college date rape, the death of a beloved grandmother and the many other nuances that make up a woman’s life. Read more…

August 2016

The Actor’s Diet: Podcast Interview with Animal Rights Activist Jasmin Singer

The Actor's DietI’ve had Jasmin Singer on the blog before – we’ve eaten a few times together (I’ve got to get back to Stuff I Eat!) and caught up at the BlogHer Conference recently. Jasmin and I met 16 years ago, via the NiteStar Theater Company (also how I met my friends Christy Meyers, and Eboni Booth). We talk about our history with eating disorders, veganism, juice fasting, and her memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough. Read more…

August 2016

SheKnows Podcast: Going vegan – Would you? Could you? Should you?

SheKnows Podcast with Jasmin SingerJoin host Elisa Camahort Page as she speaks with Tracye McQuirter and Jasmin Singer, exploring why eating vegan is better for your health and the planet. If you’re interested in going vegan, do you cold quit your current way of eating in favor of a purely plant-based diet? Or, slowly transition? Read more…

July 2016

Livingston Enterprise: Author releases memoir of beating food addiction and finding inner peace

Livingston EnterpriseDo those summer barbecues leave you feeling a little left out? Are burgers and franks just not your thing? Fear not—you aren’t alone! Check out round-up of steamy LGBTQ vegans and vegetarians, and see the fabulous and sexy company you keep. Read more…

July 2016

Out Magazine: Plan Your Next Cookout with These Queer Vegetarians

Out MagazineDo those summer barbecues leave you feeling a little left out? Are burgers and franks just not your thing? Fear not—you aren’t alone! Check out round-up of steamy LGBTQ vegans and vegetarians, and see the fabulous and sexy company you keep. Read more…

July 2016

Yahoo Beauty: What Kat Von D’s All Vegan Pledge Means for the Makeup World

Yahoo BeautyThe move thrills vegan activists, including Jasmin Singer, author of the memoir, Always Too Much and Never Enough, and co-host of the Our Hen House podcast. “Caring about animals does not mean sacrificing beauty — in fact, making the ethically sound, environmentally aware, truly compassionate decision to ditch both animal testing and animal ingredients amplifies beauty,” Singer tells Yahoo Beauty. “Kat Von D Beauty going vegan represents the next trend in cosmetics — no more torturing animals, whether for unnecessary testing or by using the byproducts of factory farming as ingredients.” Read more…

June 2016

SheKnows: I was a fat vegan until I fixed my effed up relationship with food

SheKnowsThe last time I ate meat I was an intense and sturdy theater student who wore all black and smoked clove cigarettes without inhaling (but, like most other things I did in the 1990s, it was simply for show). I perched like a plump pigeon on the steps of my performing arts college in Philadelphia and took a substantial bite of my beloved go-to cheesesteak, the greasy innards sliding down my gullet for the final time. Read more…

June 2016

The Bozeman Reader: Coming perpetually of age

The Bozeman ReaderJasmin Singer’s aptly titled debut, “Always Too Much and Never Enough,” could have been a weight-loss memoir, an outsider-childhood memoir, a political-activism memoir or a mother-daughter memoir. Instead, by being all of these at once, it is a coming-of-age memoir with some real dimension. The so-called “issues” in Singer’s life (the issues in a person’s life being what but the life itself?) are manifestations of her core way of being in the world, and her true concern in the book: what she calls “self-phobia.” Read more…

June 2016

Namely Marley: Finding Myself Through Veganism, Juicing and Love with Jasmin Singer

Namely MarleyFood has always been there for me. How many of us have said that in our lives? I know I have. And today’s guest Jasmin Singer, has written a memoire about her life experience. She says, “It was always the Oreos that were there for me at the end of the day.” And yet, it was that very food as friend that failed her in the end. Read more…

May 2016

The Food Heals Podcast: Jasmin Singer on juicing, veganism, animal rights and losing 100lbs

Food Heals PodcastJasmin Singer is the Executive Director of Our Hen House, a NYC-based nonprofit creating independent media to change the world for animals. She is the co-host of the Our Hen House podcast, now in its sixth year, and the Our Hen House TV show, a co-production with Brooklyn Independent Media. Jasmin’s new book, Always Too Much And Never Enough is her memoir of her journey to find herself through juicing, veganism, and love, as she went from fat to thin and from feeding her emotions to feeding her soul. Read more…

May 2016

No Meat Athlete: Jasmin Singer on Food Addiction, the 80s, and How She Lost 100 Pounds

No Meat AthleteGrowing up in the 80s, we were told a lot of things by the food industry … often right smack in the middle of our Saturday morning cartoons. Milk “does a body good,” sugary cereal is “part of a complete breakfast,” and in general, processed foods are a fabulous choice for healthy family dinners and snacks. So how did all this affect our health and our relationship with food? Read more…

May 2016

Vegucated: Interview with Jasmin Singer

Tranquility du JourYou think you know a person…especially if you have ever called them your best friend. Well, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about Jasmin Singer…until I read her captivating new memoir, Always Too Much and Never Enough. Read more…

May 2016

SFFCDIETITIAN: It’s All About the Relationship

SFFCDIETITIANThere’s a new book out chronicling one woman’s journey to healing herself through changing her relationship to food. The source of her success is all in the title: Always too Much, Never Enough. Jasmin Singer “went from feeding emotions to feeding her soul”. Read more…

April 2016

Tranquility du Jour: Always Too Much And Never Enough

Tranquility du JourAlways Too Much And Never Enough with Jasmin Singer. Hear her story from fat to thin and from feeding her emotions to feeding her soul, her memoir writing process, and the creation of Our Hen House. Read more…

April 2016

The Daily Texan: Activist and podcast co-host Jasmin Singer on tour for new book

The Daily TexanOn her award-winning podcast, “Our Hen House,” activist and recent memoirist Jasmin Singer interviews celebrities, athletes and students about animal exploitation. Below, The Daily Texan caught up with Singer, discussing her veganism, podcast and new memoir “Always Too Much and Never Enough.” Read more…

April 2016

Rich Roll Podcast: How Jasmin Singer Lost 100 Pounds by Finding Peace With Herself

Rich Roll PodcastThe facts of our experiences are different. But so many of the emotions we experience along our journeys are remarkably similar. Meet Jasmin Singer. As a kid, Jasmin was an outcast. Fat and persistently bullied, she was hopelessly drawn to foods that only fueled the depression and confused disposition incited by her chaotic upbringing. Read more…

March/April 2016

Curve Magazine: The Whole Story, Jasmin Singer went from fat to thin and wrote a memoir about it

Curve MagazineIf you don’t have an eating disorder or a problem with your self-image, you’re amongst a minority of American women. According to statistics, around 90 percent of women have attempted to control their weight through dieting, and about $40 billion is spent yearly in America on diet-related products. Perhaps lesbians and queer women are situated outside of this phenomenon, if one is to believe the recent NIH study claim- ing that 75 percent of lesbians are obese. Read more…

March 2016

XRAY FM: Interview with Jasmin Singer on XRAY In The Morning


March 2016

Women’s Health: 11 Tips from Women Who Crushed Their Fitness Goals When They Thought They Couldn’t

Women's HealthIf a certain type of sweat sesh makes you dread working out, do something else, says Jasmin Singer, 36, who lost 86 pounds and wrote the book Always Too Much and Never Enough about her newly discovered love for running. “When I started running outside, I realized I liked moving my body, so I went with it,” she says. “It was life changing.” Read more…

March 2016

Yahoo.com: Even DJ Khaled Is Going Vegan

Yahoo BeautyDJ Khaled — hip-hop star, Snapchat savant and purveyor of fried chicken wings — has announced that he’s going vegan, if only temporarily. “I’m officially going vegan right now — 22 days… I’m not playing. I’m challenging myself,” he said in a Tuesday Snapchat video (because where else?) while unloading his just-delivered pre-packaged meals from 22 Days Nutrition, the gimmicky $627 meal plan by Marco Borges that’s been endorsed by none other than his life-coach clients Beyoncé and Jay Z. “My guy Marco, he’s explaining to me how to do this program,” Khaled said in his video, Borges at his side. Read more…

March 2016

Louise Wallis: Interview with Jasmin Singer on life writing and authenticity

Louise WallisOur Hen House Executive Director Jasmin Singer on the freedom of writing, going viral, and her memoir Always Too and Never Enough (just published). How long have you been a writer, and how did you start? My first published piece was a poem in a kid’s magazine when I was in third grade. It went something like this… Read more…

March 2016


Sober Vegan LesbianI love memoirs, personal stories and self help books! Thats the kinda gal I am. So, when one of my fabulous New York animal rights friends, Jasmin Singer, released her first book, a memoir, “Always too Much and Never Enough” , I was thrilled! It’s about her life changing experience going from a super heavy woman navigating this world, to a thin woman navigating this world. Juice fasting changed her life, but the book is about way more than just that. It touches on subjects such as bullying, and how the world judges people instantly based on their weight and/or appearance. It’s about finding a passion in life that drives you forward and makes this whole life experience worth living. It’s about overcoming hardships and traumas. It is a powerful and inspirational book. Read more…

March 2016

Curve Magazine: Weighty Issues – Always Too Much and Never Enough

Curve MagazineJasmin Singer’s journey from feeding her body to feeding her spirit produces a brilliant new memoir. Vegan animal activist Jasmin Singer’s tell-all memoir about her struggle with food has been widely praised, and for good reason: it’s an honest, beautifully written account of her journey, and presents some naked truths that many queer women of any size or background can relate to. We caught up with Singer to find out more about the impulses behind Always Too Much and Never Enough. Read more…

March 2016

Everyday eBook: Just Enough in Always Too Much and Never Enough by Jasmin Singer

Everyday EbookAlways Too Much and Never Enough, new from activist Jasmin Singer, is a fresh and breezy take on memoir that will be particularly appealing to those interested in animal rights and personal health. Singer, co-founder of an animal-rights nonprofit and advocate for the vegan lifestyle, recounts her journey through a chubby childhood and young adulthood as well as her eventual turn to holistic, healthy choices and her subsequent weight loss of one hundred pounds. Along the way she shares personal anecdotes ranging from wistful to cringeworthy to inspiring and helpful tips about incorporating vegan and animal-friendly health into any lifestyle. Read more…

March 2016

Utah Public Radio: “Always Too Much & Never Enough” By Jasmin Singer On Wednesday’s Access Utah

Utah Public RadioFrom the extra pounds and unrelenting bullies that left her eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall at school to the low self-esteem that left her both physically and emotionally vulnerable to abuse, Jasmin Singer’s struggle with weight defined her life. Singer says that most people think there’s no such thing as a fat vegan, but most people don’t realize that deep-fried tofu tastes amazing and that Oreos are, in fact, vegan. So, even after she embraced a vegan lifestyle, having discovered her passion in advocating for the rights of animals, she defied any “skinny vegan” stereotypes by getting even heavier. Read more…

March 2016

NY Daily News: ‘Always Too Much and Never Enough’ – How a New Yorker found her authentic self through veganism and juicing

NY Daily NewsLike many of us, Jasmin Singer had a complicated relationship with food growing up, which she details in her memoir, “Always Too Much and Never Enough.” The Edison, N.J., native found comfort in junk food while dealing with the divorce of her parents. She turned to Cheez-Its when things got tough, when she was constantly in the shadow of her thin mom (TM) who was always dieting. Singer struggled with her weight and bullying from her peers, and found that eating was her way to cope. Read more…

March 2016

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine: Jasmin Singer’s Feature

Vegan Lifestyle MagazineThere once was a day when Jasmin Singer weighed in at 221 pounds, in her 20’s her dream was to become an actress and after a casting director told her to lose a bunch of weight she joined Weight Watchers, not for her own self-esteem, just to impress the director. After losing 25 pounds Weight Watchers employed her as a receptionist so long as she continued on the program, however, the weight loss slowed so she then joined Jenny Craig as well, just to keep her receptionist job. What a tangled web we weave. Read more…

March 2016

Main Street Vegan Radio: Jasmin Singer’s New Memoir

Main Street VeganAlways Too Much and Never Enough is the fabulous memoir of ourhenhouse.org‘s Jasmin Singer who turned childhood bullying into a way to understand the suffering of animals. She’s since released 100 pounds through healthy vegan eating and lots of juicing. Read more & listen to the show…

March 2016

Loft Cinema: Book launch with author Jasmin Singer in person!

The Loft CinemaVEGAN LOGIC is proud to oer another FREE Community event! is time bringing you Jasmin Singer, Animal Rights Activist, Co-Founder of the non-prot OurHenHouse.org and now author of the new book, Always Too Much and Never Enough: a memoir. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jasmin tell her inspiring story with a reading, presentation and Q&A session. Read more…

February 2016

Metro NY (Print Edition): How a junk food vegan fought food addiction and won

Metro NYIt wasn’t until activist Jasmin Singer’s life was in jeopardy and she was forced to change her eating habits that she discovered who she really was. When activist Jasmin Singer became a vegan when she was 24, it wasn’t because she was joining a trendy food-craze, like going gluten-free or giving up carbs. To her, it was a stand against the way animals were treated, solely for human consumption. “I consider eating a deeply personal, political act,” she says. “For me, veganism was an extension of my worldview, not my personal preference.” Read more…

February 2016

Reboot With Joe: It All Started With Juice, My Journey to Health and Peace

Reboot With JoeJasmin Singer might be our first Reboot success that’s now a published author. Her memoir, “Always Too Much and Never Enough,” was recently published by Random House Berkeley. Jasmin’s story will resonate with many who struggled through childhood as “the fat kid.” Jasmin was bullied, and used junk food as her solace, even after becoming a vegan. Jasmin lost almost 100 pounds after discovering “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and juicing. What’s more, she’s kept it off. In her book, she covers universal topics of self-esteem, finding ourselves, and changing our relationship with food. Jasmin kindly shared some of her story with us. “Always Too Much and Never Enough” is available in bookstores everywhere, and online. Read more…

February 2016

Arizona Daily Star: Vegan Logic features animal advocate Singer

Tuscon.comOur Hen House founder Jasmin Singer is bringing her memoir to Tucson for a free Vegan Logic event Saturday, March 5, at the Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway. Singer, who co-founded the New York-based animal advocacy organization with her spouse Mariann Sullivan, will read from her book “Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir” and answer questions about Hen House and its mission. Read more…

February 2016

Jane Velez-Mitchell: What is Jasmin Singer’s secret? Find out as she reads from her new memoir!

February 2016

Starred Review: Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir

Shelf AwarenessAlthough Jasmin Singer says her journey toward health and self-actualization “started with juice,” it is the wisdom of her grandmother that suffuses and illuminates each page of this memoir: “You are exactly where you should be.” From the earliest scenes describing her parents’ divorce and revolving step-parents–when food became the one constant Singer could control–to a painful moment in a San Francisco bathroom stall avoiding her own reflection in the mirror, she is unflinchingly forthright and refreshingly authentic… A testament to how the greatest transformations are often intangible. Read more…

February 2016

Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir

MikeypodJasmin Singer is the co-founder and executive director of Our Hen House, a nonprofit multimedia hub working to change the world for animals. With Our Hen House, Jasmin produces an online magazine and a video production unit. She is a regular public speaker on the subjects of veganism and activism, and travels throughout the country (and beyond) to give workshops and keynotes at venues such as conferences, Vegetarian Food Fests, law schools, and universities. More importantly she is my dear friend, running partner, and a lovely force of nature in my life, AND her memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough was just released last week. It’s brilliant. She’s brilliant. Everything’s brilliant. Check out our conversation and tell a friend! Read more…

February 2016

Through Always Too Much, lesbian author hopes to help others

Bay Area Reporter“I grew up as a bullied, fat kid,” Singer, who lives in New York City, said in an email interview. But after she started examining how the agriculture industry works, “and how profoundly my addictive relationship with food was affecting my life,” she lost almost 100 pounds by doing monthly juice fasts and eating only whole, unprocessed foods. She then “gained a fuller understanding of certain truths I had not previously fully embraced. Truths about me, such as my sexuality. And truths about the world, such as how much suffering – to animals, to people, to myself – was caused by what was on my plate.” Read more…

February 2016

Book Review: Always Too Much and Never Enough – A Memoir

Vegan StreetIs there anything we have to do every day that is as emotionally rife as the act of feeding ourselves? Some people manage to get through life without there being a deep connection between emotions and food but for many, if not most, of us, food and how we feed ourselves is a rough terrain dotted with many, many landmines. For those of us with, as they say, “issues with food,” nothing is ever straightforward when it comes to eating: from the elation we feel when we’ve been virtuous with our diets to our plummeting self-worth when we are not, to the rollercoaster of guilt, anger, spitefulness, bliss, connection and even numbness we can feel on a daily basis with a fork or spoon as the vehicle for deliverance, food is a complicated and complex part of our everyday lives. Despite this, we have to learn to eat and feed ourselves if we want to stay alive. Read more…

February 2016

I Broke Up with My BFF—Food—and Lost Over 80 Pounds

Women's HealthI always turned to food as a BFF or a therapist. I felt like it would fix everything. I ate rows and rows of Oreos instead of facing the real issues. I was totally disconnected from taking care of myself. In my 20s, I was trying to be an actress and a casting director told me I had to lose a bunch of weight. Because I wanted to impress her, I decided to join Weight Watchers with her. Of course I was doing it for her, not me. I wound up losing 25 pounds and weighed 150 pounds at 5’4″. Read more…

February 2016

Activist/author here for book signing

washington bladeLGBT activist and author Jasmin Singer has a book signing and reading for her memoir “Always Too Much and Never Enough” at Compassion Over Killing (6930 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md.) on Friday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. The memoir delves into Singer’s relationship with food from a child until an adult. It also touches on animal rights, her body and her sexuality. Singer runs Our Hen House, a non-profit animal rights organization, with her wife. Read more…

February 2016

Metro NY: How a junk food vegan fought food addiction and won

metroIt wasn’t until activist Jasmin Singer’s life was in jeopardy and she was forced to change her eating habits that she discovered who she really was. When activist Jasmin Singer became a vegan when she was 24, it wasn’t because she was joining a trendy food-craze, like going gluten-free or giving up carbs. To her, it was a stand against the way animals were treated, solely for human consumption. “I consider eating a deeply personal, political act,” she says. “For me, veganism was an extension of my worldview, not my personal preference.” Read more…

February 2016

10 Questions: Vegan Rock Star with Jasmin Singer…

Vegan StreetJasmin Singer, today’s Vegan Rock Star, is one of my favorite all-around vegan rock stars, a powerhouse who has been promoting cruelty-free living from the multi-media non-profit hub she has created with her wife, the talented Mariann Sullivan, since 2010. Our Hen House creates TV/videos, an active online magazine, and, most famously, an engaging, frequently scatological, always thought-provoking weekly podcast (I was even interviewed!), now available in three forms. Read more…

February 2016

Responsible Eating and Living Radio

Responsible Eating & Living with Jasmin SingerAll About Food radio program interviews Jasmin Singer about Always Too Much and Never Enough.

February 2016

VegNews Media Room

Jasmin Singer Featured in VegNews MagazineVegNews Magazine wants you to read Always Too Much and Never Enough!

January 2016

How I Lost Nearly 100 Pounds — After Struggling With Weight My Whole Life

Mind Body GreenIt was a particularly sunny summer day when my doctor told me that, at age 30 — even though I had been a vegan for many years at that point — I was on my way to heart disease. I sat on his table and hung my head in defeat. This doctor wasn’t the first one to tell me to lose weight. Twelve years earlier, during my first visit to a gynecologist, while my feet sat in stirrups and my legs splayed apart, my doctor decided it was the perfect moment to tell me that I was “too heavy for a girl my height” (as if I didn’t know). I nonchalantly agreed, all the while wondering how far the vending machine was from this room. Read more…

January 2016

She’s Swell! Author + Animal Advocate Extraordinaire, Jasmin Singer

swell magazineJasmin Singer is nothing short of a real-life wonder woman. The New York City-based animal advocate and co-founder of Our Hen House somehow found time between producing a half-dozen monthly podcasts. running half-marathons, public speaking engagements, tap-dancing performances, and magazine-writing gigs to pen her fabulous new memoir, Always too Much and Never Enough. Read more…

January 2016

KCMJ: Community-Powered Radio for Colorado Springs

KCMJ Interviews Jasmin SingerJasmin Singer joins Easy Vegan Radio to talk about her memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough. They talked juicing, veganism, body image and how to change the world for animals. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/kcmj939/easyvegan01252016

January 2016

Vegan hens changing the world for animals

Jasmin Singer Featured on Vegan Lifestyle AssociationJasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan are the founders of the fun and unique vegan podcast from the USA. Ruth Culbreth spoke to them for the VLA… Read more…

January 2016

Animal Voices Radio: Tips and Advice for Going Vegan in 2016, and Activist Profile of Jasmin Singer

Jasmin Singer Featured on Animal Voices RadioFor our feature interview, we have Jasmin Singer on the show. A long-time activist for the animals, she is the executive director of Our Hen House, which is a media hub to change the world for animals, and she produces a popular weekly podcast and an online magazine, along with her wife, animal rights lawyer Mariann Sullivan. Read more…

January 2016

The Advocate: 40 People Under 40 to Teach Us About Each Other

Jasmin Singer The Advocate 40 Under 40Jasmin Singer named one of The Advocate’s 40 Under 40. The Advocate’s annual list of 40 exemplary people under age 40 has a message we think all generations should hear. This year the 40 Under 40 series highlights young LGBT people fighting intersectional battles in our greater community. Read more…

September 23, 2015 by Gena Hymowech

GO Magazine: Eco-preneurs 2015

Jasmin Singer GO Magazine Eco-preneurs“I went vegan 20 years ago when I looked at my dog and couldn′t see the difference between him and the animals on my plate,“ says Mariann Sullivan. These days, she—along with wife Jasmin Singer—are trying to convince others to adopt that same diet, become more knowledgeable about animal cruelty in general, and work on behalf of animal rights via Our Hen House, a nonprofit multimedia hub featuring podcasts. “We started Our Hen House as a reaction to how the mainstream media largely ignores the very dire truth about the suffering of animals, particularly in the food industry,“ Singer says. In addition to being board president and program director of Our Hen House, Sullivan is a lawyer, writer and adjunct professor of animal law at Columbia Law School, while Singer, OHH′s executive director, is a contributing writer for VegNews Magazine and a memoirist. Read more…