The Book Is Out! (And Other Updates)

The Book Is Out! (And Other Updates)

PA-10622 ALWAYS TOO MUCH... Reader's Circle Shares-2Welp. My memoir is out. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

It’s completely surreal and wonderful and weird to be me right now. I am so moved and blown away by the support of everyone around me, both in person and virtually. The NYC book launch, held this past Tuesday at Alexander Gray Associates, was nothing short of magical. We had around 130 people show up for food, drinks, and books! I somehow managed to hold myself together in order to give my first reading from the book, and I felt supported and loved by the audience who seemed (almost) as excited as I was. I used my fancy signing pen for the first time, and learned how quickly my hand cramps from signing. (I should invest in a squishy, stress relief ball, to keep those muscles strong.)

Here are some updates, and some things on my mind as I get ready to leave for my tour:

  • Tomorrow morning I head to Washington, D.C. for my event there, which I’m so excited about. (The Washington Blade just covered it, which is exciting.)
  • I also have a private Our Hen House “flock” event on Saturday night, which will be really fun. I love intimate get-togethers where I get to really get to know some of our podcast listeners.
  • I am thrilled that my audiobook, with me narrating, is now available through Audible. Recording it last November was perhaps the most fun of my life. My sinuses and my ankle kept crackling, which was kind of funny, because they had to keep doing retakes whenever that would happen. Still though, I got through my entire eleven hour and nine minute reading in just two and a half days, which was appreciated by the sound engineers because they had scheduled five days for me to record it. Finally, for the first time in my life, my BFA in Acting came into use!
  • Oh, and you can listen to a sample of my audiobook here! 
  • I’ve gotten some interesting press! Most notably, this week there is a feature on me in the Metro — “How a Junk Food Vegan Fought Food Addiction and Won.” That article is the most read on the Metro site right now! In a couple of weeks, the print edition will run here in NYC. (Please be sure to share that article from the website so that the publishers know that people are interested in vegan stories! Thanks!)
  • There have also been a few interviews published, including an interview with me on Vegan Street that I hope you check out!
  • I wrote an article for Mind Body Green that was just published this week, entitled “I Lost Nearly 100 Pounds — After Struggling With Weight My Whole Life.” I hope you read it and share it!
  • If you read my book and you dig it (which I hope you do!), please consider leaving a friendly review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever else you’d like. Those reviews are more important than you realize. (I know that every time I go to get something on Amazon, for example, the reviews are the first thing I look for.)
  • I have so many events coming up that rather than list them all here, I hope you’ll head over to my events page and stay up to date there! But, in short, this week I’ll be in Washington, D.C. Next week I’ll be in L.A., San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Berkley. Later this month I’ll be in Cambridge and Montclair. In March I’ll be in Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle. There’s a ton more, too, so stay tuned, and I hope to see you!


Thank you for helping me make this book tour successful, and thanks for reading Always Too Much and Never Enough! I’m so grateful!

xo jasmin

Jasmin Singer
Jasmin Singer
Jasmin Singer is the executive director of the nonprofit Our Hen House, a multimedia hub of opportunities to change the world for animals, and author of the memoir, Always Too Much And Never Enough. With her wife, animal rights lawyer Mariann Sullivan, she produces a Webby-recognized weekly podcast and an online magazine. She has written for numerous publications, including the Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen, has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and HuffPo Live, and can be seen in the award-winning documentaries Vegucated and The Ghosts in Our Machine. Jasmin splits her time between New York City and Germantown, New York, with Mariann and their perfect pit bull, Rose.